Sport Seats & Belts

Sport seats have advanced lateral support and the ability to accommodate racing harnesses. They are generally designed in accordance to the shape of a human body in order to provide lateral support and weight distribution. Sport seats help to withstand the g-force while cornering and come with special openings for 3-point, 4-point or 5-point racing harnesses to increase the safety in extreme driving conditions. Sport seats are universal and technically may be installed on any production vehicle using model specific or universal bolt-on seat mounting brackets.

Sport seat belts are typically found in racing cars and come in 4, 5 or 6 point harnesses. The lap portion is connected to a belt between the legsand there are two shoulder belts, making a total of five points of attachment to the seat. A 4-point harness is similar, but without the strap between the legs, while a 6-point harness has two belts between the legs.

SpeedLine offers a range of sport seats and belts by Recaro and Schroth. Select from the category below to view products suitable for your car model.  

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