LSD / Scissor Doors

Scissor doors, or LSD doors, use a typical hinge mounted at the front of the door, but instead of rotating outwards as it happens in the case of a conventional door, they go up, using a vertical configuration.
The LSD / scissor door system consists of a specific door hinge which initially opens the factory door 30 degrees outwards, like a common car door and then upwards by the support of a gas shock with minimal effort. The door hinges are installed at the original mounting points of the dismantled factory hinges. 

A common LSD / scissor door conversion kit includes model specific redesigned door hinges and gas filled shocks. Such kits are usually bolt-on or weld on and require some modifications to front fenders and door panels. Original door panels are not replaced, so a vehicle looks standard from the outside, when the doors are closed. 

If you're looking at installing LSD/ scissor doors on your BMW, Lamborghini or Mercedes, SpeedLine offers 3 different kits. See below for kit options or give one of our SpeedLine staff a call today. 

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