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A car alarm is an electronic device installed to attempt to reduce the potential theft of the vehicle. Car alarms work by producing high volume sounds, such as a siren, when the conditions necessary for triggering are met. Car alarms may also flash the vehicles lights, notify the car’s owner by a paging system or interrupt the electrical system needed to cycle the ignition. SpeedLine offers a range of products suitable for your Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Porsche or Volkswagen.
SpeedLine provides automotive electronics used to enhance the vehicles functioning. These are any electronically-generated systems, some which include driver assistance, entertainment systems or active safety. Whether you’re looking to improve the look and elegance of your Alfa Romeo, Jaguar, Peugeot or Range Rover, SpeedLine has the product for you. 

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Alarm Accessories
Automatic window and sunroof ope
Car Alarm System
Car Video Recording Device
Central Locking
Reversing Camera

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