Brake Technology

Brakes are the single most important safety feature on a car. From the moment you place your foot on the brake pedal, you engage a quite complex system. This is how it works: by applying pressure to the brake pedal it forces brake fluid to engage systems that forces the brake pad onto the brake disc rotor, this causes friction which brings the car to a stop. The cars brake pads are fitted to the brake callipers, this is the part of the car that both applies and releases the brake pads from the disc rotor.
The brake callipers comprise of the brake calliper housing, this housing unit holds piston/s that pushes or release when the brake pedal is either pressed or released. These rubber components are specifically designed to ensure that the brake (hydraulic) fluid does not leak from the system nor allow dirt and grime into this system.
Brakes are important to help protect and maintain the safety of those in the car. Below is a provided checklist if as a driver you notice any or all of them, it means it is time to get your brakes professionally checked.
  •          Loss of grip when braking
  •          The feeling of your car pulling left or right when braking
  •          A sloppy, soft or low brake pedal
  •          Shuddering through your steering wheel when braking
  •          Squeals, screeches and high pitched noises when breaking
  •          The brake system warning light flashes
  •          The car takes longer to stop than normal

There are various companies that specialise in brake technology, these include: Brembo, EBC, Fischer Stahlflex and Goodridge. 

More sub catagories:
Brembo GT
Brembo GT-R
Brembo Turismo
EBC Brake Discs / Brake pads
Fischer Stahlflex
Goodridge Brakeline Kit

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